Busy Bees

Well this blog post kind of snuck up on me this week because of how busy everything has been at DSS. In addition to that, a popular game at DSS seems to be musical offices. My original office buddy left me a few weeks ago, I was alone for a little while, I got a new office buddy who needed the space to do interviews of some variety, and I got moved to someone else’s office where I have limited access to a computer. So, I’ll be honest and say that this has left me unprepared for a blog topic this week so I’m going to do a bit of an update about my plans for the rest of my internship and then that should lay the groundwork for the rest of the blog. Fingers crossed anyway. So here’s the basics:

  • I signed myself up for a foster parent training that will go through the rest of this month. I’ve already started the online element and my first in person session is this Saturday.
  • I learned how to laminate and I built most of a cabinet by myself.
  • I’m full time with the foster care worker now so I’ve done a lot of filing and working with receipts.
  • My first office buddy, the APS worker, asked me to compile a list of realtors and available rental properties in the county for anyone looking for housing. In addition to my trip to New Orleans where I saw far more homelessness than I expected, this has gotten me thinking about a post on housing, affordability, and homelessness.
  • We’ve had several calls about parents doing drugs with children around or having drug paraphernalia in the home. I’d say most of the CPS reports that I’ve heard about have something to do with drug use so I thought I could write something about drug use in a community like Orange County and the effect that can have on children and families.
  • One of the homes we work with that is involved in many departments of DSS had a church group come to their home and repair a ramp on the front of their house so everything could be fully accessible. Volunteers and church groups, while not a long term substitute, are invaluable for people who need help reconstructing their homes and making them safer when they can’t afford a regular contractor or maintenance person. These volunteers work directly with DSS and we greatly appreciate their time and effort.
  • Because of a series of retirements and a struggle to fill positions here, I’m thinking of writing a post about misconceptions of doing social work. I can’t think of another reason for the lack of people (other than maybe pay). There’s always a need so if someone thinks they’re interested in social work, they should do some digging.
  • Finally, I talked with both of my supervisors and I have WAY over exceeded the number of hours people usually do for an internship so I’ll be finishing up at the end of the month so that I can get a little more information on my blog before I’m done. That’s just three more posts! Where has the time gone?!?!?

This is mostly what I’ve been up to, other than what I’ve already reported on in my blogs. I’ll have more heavily researched information next week, I promise. Until then, I hope you liked the update and feel free to suggest a topic I could make a post on.

More next week!


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#1 Suzanne Raitt on 07.19.16 at 2:11 pm

OK, I can’t resist commenting on your learning to laminate first of all. I once borrowed a laminator and I couldn’t stop. Stayed up late at night laminating.

But seriously….this post is full of different ideas and comments on different issues – great to see how thought-provoking the internship has been for you. I’m wondering if you’re considering a career in social work, or if seeing the stress people are under (see your post) has put you off. It sounds as if you are working really hard and intensely. That’s good, right?

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